Production Process

Ter Maten's production processes start with fresh, cooled poultry parts provide by leading suppliers. After arrival and quality inspection, the products are then processed into a series of high-quality poultry (meat) products using advanced equipment.

During processing, the meat and by-products are separated and on the very same day the end product is delivered fresh or directly frozen for the customer.

From poultry to ready-to-eat meat

How products are processed depends on the use. For instance, chicken meat or MDM is manufactured by separating the meat from carcasses and backs at high pressure. On the other hand, Baader meat is obtained by separating the meat from fillet shreds and/or V-bones at low pressure. Processing at low pressure ensures that the structure of the meat remains intact. Processing at high pressure leaves less structure in the end product and is often used in end products in which the structure of the meat is less important.

In all cases Ter Maten's processing is arranged to guarantee quality, compliance with specifications, texture and taste. The combination of modern equipment, fast processing and flexibility allows Ter Maten to offer its customers a stable, high quality.