Halal and organic

A reliable Halal supplier

Ter Maten has also offered its customers Halal products for many years. The suppliers of Halal raw materials have been carefully selected, strict separation of raw materials is guaranteed and cleaning, decontamination, production and traceability are continuously monitored. The complete Halal production process takes place under strict supervision and results in a 100% Halal product that is provided with a Halal certification when it is delivered to customers.

Ter Maten's Halal production line guarantees a 100% Halal product which makes it a very reliable partner for many processors of halal products.

A tribute to a better life

Ter Maten is a trendsetter when it comes to sustainability and devotes attention to themes such as a better life for poultry. Collaboration with sustainable producers allows Ter Maten to offer organic products in its range and to contribute its ideas about social developments. Furthermore, the environment is an important theme for Ter Maten.

For instance, the present production company uses innovative technologies including heat recovery, so that the use of conventional energy sources such as gas and electricity is limited as much as possible.