Quality management and Certifications

Kwaliteits beleid

In order to be able to guarantee its quality standards, Ter Maten has its own quality assurance department which continuously monitors all kinds of quality criteria and is supported by a number of independent star laboratories. For instance, all raw materials and end products are subjected to bacteriological testing and the chemical composition of the end products is continuously monitored using NIR testing, which produces measurement data every 6 seconds. This means that Ter Maten's customers can count on guaranteed quality.

A tribute to quality and hygiene

In its progression from a poulterer's shop to the present poultry processing company, Ter Maten has always considered quality to be of paramount importance. When it comes to hygiene and quality, Ter Maten sets the bar high. This allows the company to meet the requirements of leading manufacturers. Ter Maten works according to ISO and HACCP norms and has A-grade BRC certification for both its food production and pet food production.