Product groups

Ter Maten's production lines for products for human consumption are used to manufacture meat products for the meat-processing industry, where end products such as sausage, frikandel sausage, hamburgers and nuggets are produced. These are produced as halal and non- halal products. Over the years Ter Maten has consistently and strongly developed its export activities outside Europe. Today Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia are included among its regular export markets. This has contributed to Ter Maten being a key international operator.


Meat/MDM (Mechanically Deboned Meat) or MRM meat is produced using a separator  that strips the meat from the bone under press...More information -->


Baader meat is produced using a machine separating (actually sifting) the meat from the bone at very low pressure. This results...More information -->


In addition to our separated meat products, we also offer so-called by-products such as skins (sorted or unsorted) and organs s...More information -->


Ter Maten's pet food production lines are used to manufacture various products which highly specifically fit the specifications...More information -->