With the establishment of a number of market stalls in 1968, Jan ter Maten Sr laid the foundation for the family business as it exists today. In addition to the stalls, a poulterer's shop was opened in 1970 and the first production location was realized in 1980, followed by a second location in 1990. Currently, all production activities are concentrated on one business location and the shop that formerly sold poultry meat has developed into an international production and trading company that meets all modern requirements with regard to production, quality and logistics.

The Ter Maten production company started in 1980 with a product line for the pet food industry. In addition, since 1990, it has developed several product lines for the production of meat products for human consumption. This has made Ter Maten a professional and serious partner for leading products of high-quality chicken meat. The company is a regular exhibitor at various international trade fairs, including Anuga in Cologne and Sial in Paris.