J.A. ter Maten B.V. Pluimveebedrijf

More than 30 years of quality

In more than 30 years, J.A. ter Maten, founded in 1978 by Jan ter Maten Sr., has developed into a professional and leading manufacturer of poultry and poultry meat products. It currently it exports its products to a range of dynamic customers.

J.A. ter Maten stands for quality, stability and flexibility. This means that customers can count on a very reliable partner for the continuity of their production processes.

Modern plants and equipment that comply with latest legislation and guidelines allow Ter Maten to supply high-quality products, both fresh and deep-frozen and in any desired packaging.

In addition to its products for the human food processing industry, Ter Maten also produces for the pet industry. Here, Ter Maten also offers its customers a wide range of products, often specifically developed according to its customers' wishes.

Ter Maten also produces and supplies halal products. Guaranteed and inspected by authorised companies, halal certificates are available for batches produced in Ter Maten's halal production process.